NSW: Digital licenses rollout statewide – get yours too

  • October 30, 2019

Image: Service NSW

All NSW drivers are now able to avail a digital version of their driving license on their smart phones. Earlier trialled in Dubbo, Albury, and Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the digital licenses, earlier planned to be released in August, is made available to all license holders via the Service NSW mobile app. 

According to their website, the benefits of the digital license are:

  • Optional and available at no additional cost.
  • Updates are in real time, so you no longer have to wait for a new plastic card to be posted when your licence is renewed or if you change your details.
  • It works offline and can be viewed when you have no data coverage, as long as you stay logged in to the Service NSW app.
  • Your licence information is protected by the security on your phone (PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition) as well as the security of the Service NSW app.

However, license holders are being warned not to throw their plastic cards as of yet – while major establishments will accept the digital license as a form of ‘photo id’, it may take some time before it becomes acceptable statewide. Users are encouraged to continue to carry their physical plastic ID card with them to “avoid inconvenience”.

Service NSW has also advised motorists to ensure their phone screens aren’t cracked, and that the battery is charged.

It also warns users when producing the license when being pulled over by the police. “It’s illegal to access your digital driver licence when driving, including when stationary, unless you’re asked to do so by a police officer”, they say advising motorists to not touch their phone unless the police officer asks to see their license.

To get your digital driver licence:

  • Download the latest version of the Service NSW app to your smartphone.
  • Log into the app with your MyServiceNSW Account details and follow the prompts.

You will need a MyServiceNSW Account that’s linked to Roads to access your digital driver licence. The Service NSW app will walk you through the registration and linking process.