RGIT : Over a Decade of service to Australian Education

April 18, 2019

RGIT – Standing in the vibrant streets of Melbourne’s CBD and Hobart, Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology (RGIT) Australia is the thriving destination for students wanting to pursue career in hospitality, Nursing, Childcare, Business and Information Technology.

RGIT celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year with a commitment to deliver quality VET training and skill sets that respond to current industry need. RGIT Australia started its journey with a humble beginning in 2008 as Gurkhas Institute of Hospitality and Management. RGIT Australia has grown significantly since its inception and stands with three campus buildings with state-of-the-art training and practical facilities across two states of Victoria and Tasmania.

RGIT comprises of a mix of different cultures and nationalities not only among the students but also among RGIT Australia’s staff members. RGIT Australia has students and staff members from over 48 nationalities which stands as a true representation of Australian society.

RGIT Australia offers a wide range of VET courses from Nursing to Information Technology. RGIT also offers short course such as Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Barista Coffee Making.

On a number of occasions, RGIT Australia has successfully hired graduates in different departments including Hospitality, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Administration and Student Services.


RGIT recently concluded its Orientation Day on Monday with grand success. RGIT Australia welcomed its newest batch of students in Melbourne for Term 2. RGIT Australia CEO, Chandra Yonzon, addressing students spoke about extensive opportunities that students could garner at RGIT Australia. One of the many opportunities RGIT Australia provides is providing internship and employment opportunities to graduates.


The newly arrived students from overseas were oriented on broad topics including issues such as adjusting to Australian culture and lifestyle, life in Melbourne, accommodation, and transportation, which is significant information for overseas students who are new to Australia.


The orientation provided an opportunity to all the new students to come together and get to know each other and meet their trainers prior to commencing their course.