Pariscano, a poetic musical journey with vocals/music by Nhyoo Bajracharya and lyrics by Niru Tripathi

Melbourne, Australia:

Coinciding on the occasion of the first anniversary of Niru Tripathi’s novel ‘Pariscano’, a poetic and a musical journey inpired by the same novel has been released.

The song, titled ‘Kitab ka Panama’ has been sung and composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya, one of the best composers within Nepal’s musical industry, and its poetic lyrics have been penned by none other than the author of ‘Pariscano’, Niru Tripathi, also known as ‘Dev Lalita’.

Published under Pariscano Creations, the song and the video has been supported by Kandel Consultancy. Filming and directed has been provided by Melbourne Photo Project Team, and editing by Bharat Regmi.

Like the novel, the song and its musical video transcends national boundaries and conventional themes – and is a celebration of one thing – ‘love’. As illustrated in the novel, the music video too shows the timeless love between Paris and Manu. Set in the tragic backdrop of Nepal’s earthquake, Paris, who is in Namche, Nepal leading a part of an Australian expedition to Mt. Everest is seen writing an email to Manu, who is back home in Melbourne, Australia. In the email, he tells her he is about to take a walk, and promises to see her soon.

However, Nepal experiences a tragic earthquake with the district as its epicentre, and Paris goes missing. Despite five years passing by, Manu hasn’t moved on – and is seen caught in the beautiful memories of a happier time together.

Manu has been portrayed by Niru Tripathi herself, and Paris has been portrayed by Kevin J Priestley.