Qantas offers a ‘flight to nowhere’ – sells out in 10 minutes

A Qantas Dreamliner in Sydney Airport.

What were your travel plans for 2020? Whatever it may be, we can assume safely the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted at least some aspects of it. Several countries have sealed off their borders to outsiders, several states have restricted entries – the list goes on.

One cannot travel as freely as pre-pandemic times. However, don’t we long for the experience? Qantas offered the same – a scenic flight above Queensland, Gold Coast, NSW, and the country’s remote outback, and sold out its tickets within 10 minutes.

The 134 tickets, spanning business class, premium economy and economy were priced between AUD $787 to AUD 3,787. It offers stunning views of the Australian Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney harbour, and the Gold Coast.

It also assures passengers a full-on onboard experience including meals and entertainment. The journey will take place on a Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, renowned for its big windows, making it ideal for sightseeing from 30,000 feet.

Flight QF787 will depart Sydney Domestic Airport on October 10 and return to the same airport after a seven hour flight.