Rashaili visits Domestic Violence during Melbourne lockdown

Jeewan has always been inspired to pursue social change – and sometimes his inspiration reflects on his works too. For example, a film he worked years ago had left him wanting to explore more on the different forms of violence inflicted upon women – physical, emotional, and mental.

He had wanted to pursue the subject more – however, his work commitments did not allow him time to do so.

Then came the pandemic – like every cloud has a silver lining, this pandemic does so too. For Jeewan, it was in the form of ‘time’ to explore the subject of domestic violence.

He started reading up a little bit on it, and was worried about the statistics which suggested victims felt more unsafe during the lockdown as they were confined in the same space as the perpetrator. Furthermore, if the perpetrator does not leave the home, victims do not get an opportunity to share their story with either authorities or friends.

Therefore, he created a short video – encompassing the physical blows, the emotional distress, and the mental anguish.

Jeewan made the film with Kusum Rashaili during Melbourne’s lockdown. “I am just starting to research on the subject, there is so much more that needs to be incorporated. However, thankfully I got the time to make this at-home video, and am releasing it on MNTV Entertainment’s chanel for more outreach”, Jeewan said.

“This video’s message is simple – ‘Stop Violence Against Women’. We believe we have come such a long way in terms of achieving societal equality, however the stats suggest we have so much more distance to cover. I look forward to explore more on the subject”, Rashaili added.