Registration open for NRNA NCC Australia

March 28, 2019

Non-Resident Nepali Association has opened their membership registration for NCC Australia. The registration has already been open since last night and will be open for the whole month of April. According to NRNA Australia the membership registration for election will be closed from May to July, however after that it will be open again.

The registration process is completely web based. Unlike global NRNA website, NRNA Australia asks for MediCare card or VISA details as well, apart from personal details and membership fee.

Life long members of NRNA Australia will be receiving a different service, but they must submit their details again with this new system. Narayan Koirala, General Secretary of NRNA NCC Australia, states, “NRNA Australia and NRN ICC has signed a contract for data handling. Members can fill up the details only for themselves, so it will avoid any type of misuse”.

According to NRNA Australia, providing personal details like name, address in Australia and Nepal, occupation, passport detail, email, contact number, date of birth is mandatory this time. Further, the contact detail should be registered on the name of the member itself, otherwise the process will not proceed.

The number of memberships is expected to decrease this time, as the new system will avoid misuse of membership during election time.

You can register your membership through this link NRNA.