Sandip Karki is “so funny” in his latest show MNTV Prankey

Melbourne, Australia:

Laughter is the best medicine – MNTV’s latest program Prankey featuring Sandip Karki has got that right.

Premiering on Saturday on MNTV Australia’s YouTube Channel, Sandip is seen pranking strangers around Melbourne in the first half. In his signature move, he asks foreigners if they speak English – once they say yes, he goes on speak Nepali, completely baffling the strangers.

Their expressions, and the hilariousness of the show is worth watching – have to watch it.

Also, in the second half, he pranks a known person, which is also worth watching.

An MNTV Production, Prankey is supported by Mate’s International Education and Visa Services. It will be premiered every fortnight – and looking at the first episode, we cannot wait for the future episodes.

Sandip is too funny!