Scholarships and Prizes for high achieving students

  • December 20, 2019

Amshuma Rayamajhi, is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at UTS. (Image: Supplied)

University graduates are well positioned for strong career outcomes and tend to have employment rates and salaries that are be higher across their lifetime. These benefits spill over to society through increased government tax revenue and greater levels of employment – so for individuals and the community student success is something to reward and celebrate. Higher education is a powerful investment in the long-term future, for all of us.

Celebrating student achievement

When students work hard and achieve impressive results, it’s important to recognise their dedication and effort. That’s why leading universities encourage high achieving students by offering scholarships and prizes. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for example, recently named as Australia’s Number One Young University,awards more than 220 scholarships and prizes to assist students in their endeavours and celebrate their success.

UTS Insearch also offers a wide range of scholarships for both new and continuing international students. High performing students are celebrated at formal graduation ceremonies every semester, receiving prizes to a total of almost $70,000. These awards include the Dean’s Merit Prize, given to the student who achieves the highest marks in the first semester of their course, and the Outstanding Graduate Prize, which goes to the top student in their Diploma or UTS Foundation Studies course overall. And at every graduation ceremony, a special Alumni Prize is awarded to a member of the UTS Insearch alumni community who has demonstrated innovation and excellence in the studies and career.

Prize-winning students from Nepal

Students from Nepal have an impressive achievement record at UTS Insearch. Passionate science student, Amshuma Rayamajhi, originally came to UTS Insearch from her home in Gulmi to complete her Diploma of Science. Her talent and hard work earned her first place in her course, and the Outstanding Graduate Prize. This well-deserved prize was just the boost to her confidence she needed. “When you come to Australia from Nepal and see all these amazingly successful people, it can be intimidating,” she says. “However, I know now the success of others will be a catalyst for my own progress.”

Amshuma is now studying at UTS for a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences degree, and has added a UTS Pathways Scholarship to her achievements. This scholarship will cover half of the tuition costs for the remainder of her degree.

Rohit Maharjan is another winner of the UTS Insearch to UTS Pathways Scholarship. Rohit grew up in Jawalakhel, and came to UTS Insearch to complete a Diploma of IT. Like Amshuma, he topped his course, winning the Outstanding Graduate Award. Rohit was also the recipient of an Aspire Advantage Scholarship which supports students completing an Accelerated Diploma program to kickstart their journey to UTS. Designed for high-achieving, dynamic students from the subcontinent, this scholarship is available to students from Nepal who meet the academic eligibility requirements.

Other opportunities for international students

Other scholarships specifically for international students include the Dianne Leckie Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded every year to a student who has completed the Diploma of Business and has enrolled or is eligible to enrol in the Bachelor of Business degree at UTS. It covers the balance of tuition fees for two years’ study in the UTS Bachelor of Business program, and the total value can be more than $70,000.

UTS Foundation Studies or Diploma students who hold comprehensive Overseas Student Health Cover, arranged through UTS Insearch may also be eligible to win the MEDIBANK International Education Scholarship, which makes a $4000 contribution towards tuition fees. This scholarship is awarded to the top performing student in the first stage of their program.

About UTS and UTS Insearch

UTS is a dynamic and innovative university based in the heart of Sydney. In addition to its ranking as Australia’s top young university, it has been ranked 140th globally in the QS World University rankings for 2020.

Many students begin their journey to UTS by enrolling at UTS Insearch, where they develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in their university career and beyond. Students can select from a range of academic programs at UTS Insearch, and can often fast-track into their second year of study at UTS, depending on their grades and the course they wish to enter.

The thorough preparation UTS Insearch provides for university study has set many students on the road to academic success.

Sajiya Sherchan (Image: Supplied)
Sajiya Sherchan (Image: Supplied)

Sajiya Sherchan, another winner of the UTS Insearch Outstanding Graduate Prize in Science, is an aspiring doctor who came to UTS Insearch from Pokhara. After completing a Diploma of Science at UTS Insearch, she has now commenced a Bachelor of Medical Science degree at UTS. Recalling her experience at UTS Insearch. Sajiya says, “For me, UTS Insearch was a place of hope, encouragement, development, and achievement. My teachers and friends at UTS Insearch were very supportive and uplifting. I will always be grateful to each of them.”

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