South Australia’s lockdown to end three days early after authorities learn about pizza shop worker’s ‘dishonesty’

Image for reference only. (Pixabay)

South Australian’s on Friday received news of lockdown restrictions being eased three days early – initially scheduled to end on 11:59 p.m. (Tuesday), lockdown restrictions, as announced by the South Australia government will be eased from 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Residents have also been heading out to parks, outdoor areas after the government said outdoor exercise with family or housemates were to be allowed “effective immediately”.

The announcement of relaxation on restrictions was made after authorities found out that a pizza shop employee had lied about being employed at Woodville pizza bar to SA contact tracing authorities, and said he was a customer instead.

The person, who had tested positive for Covid-19 earlier had said he simply picked up a pizza from the shop. However, once authorities realised the man worked at the pizza shop, it was established the person was a ‘close contact’ and could’ve caught the virus while working with the other part-time worker at the pizza bar.

His lie sent South Australia into a six day lockdown after health authorities could not find a close link between his case and the Parafield cluster – making authorities believe the strain of the virus was highly infectious as they believed the virus spread through a contaminated surface rather than coming into close contact.

From midnight Saturday, business will reopen with restrictions but health authorities have urged residents to continue maintaining vigilance as there is a possibility that the ‘cluster could grow in the coming days’.