Sydney gangfight’s injured Amit Karki passes away

  • March 24, 2020

A 23 year old Nepali youth has passed away in Sydney after succumbing to his injuries. The decaesed, identified as Amit Karki was a student, and had arrived in Sydney from Nepal four years ago.

Karki had been admitted to Kogarah based St. George Hospital in the early morning hours of 21st March, 2020 (o3:45 a.m.) following an incident in Hurstville.

According to police reports, the incident had occurred after two groups of Nepali people indulged in a bar fight. Although security people escorted both groups outside the premises, they continued their fight.

Unfortunately, Amit Karki fell off a grass embankment (nearly 3 metres) on Railway Parade. Emergency services were called, and Karki was taken to the hospital with a severe head injury. He was placed on life support in a critical and unstable condition. Another youth also sustained injuries to his face, however is out of danger.

Meanwhile, other members involved in the fight have been taken in police custody. A police investigation is ongoing.

NRN Australia’s speaker, Nanda Gurung has expressed grief over the unfortunate event. In a message on Facebook, he has told other members of the community to not involve themselves in such senseless fights.