Sydney student Swadesh’s body to be sent back home for final rites

  • July 22, 2019

Full image not shown on purpose. Image: Facebook

21 year old Nepalese student Swadesh Sedai, found dead in his apartment on 12th July, will be making his final journey home on 23rd July. His body will be repatriated via a Malaysian Airlines flight on 23rd July from Sydney. His repatriation was made possible with the active support of Jhapali Samaj Australia – they raised funds via a fundraiser. According to the society, ‘help for Swadesh came pouring in’ – they were able to collect AUD 11,793. The society has thanked everyone for their overwhelming support.

According to them, half of the money will be sent to his family, and the remaining half will be set to establish a charitable trust to help other community friends who are in similar situations.

Swadesh Sedai, a young boy with a promising life ahead was originally from Jhapa. He had arrived in Australia two and a half years ago and was pursuing Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from University of Technology Sydney. He was expected to graduate in 2020.

The news has come to as a shock to family and friends. The Nepalese community in Sydney is also mourning the loss of the young student. He was known as a passionate person about his studies, and an outgoing person within his social circle.


NV acknowledges a student’s life in Australia can sometimes prove difficult – however urges students to not despair, and reach out towards friends and family during such difficult times. NV, at the same time, also requests friends and families to keep a mindful watch of other people, and immediately take a proper course of action if they see any difference in character, or other symptoms.

There are several helplines also available: Lifeline Australia being one such organisation.