Australian High Commission Outlined 4 major reasons for Visa Rejection of Nepalese Students

Melbourne, Australian – A discussion was held between the representatives of the Australian High Commission and the educational consultants of Nepal. On Friday, there was a discussion between the two parties at the Australian Embassy in Kathmandu.

In that discussion, it is said that the visa application of Nepali students in Australia has been canceled. In the said discussion, the Australian party is of the opinion that the Nepalese students submitted fake documents when they applied for visas and the visas were rejected.

According to the information given by the representative of Kangaroo Education Consultancy, who participated in the discussion, it has been found that the visas of Nepali students are being rejected mainly for 4 reasons. According to the representative, it was discussed that Australian visa rejections are increasing due to copy-pasted long and ugly SOPs, incomplete financial condition documents, incomplete documents and information and fake documents being submitted.

Likewise, according to the representative of the consultancy, the Australian High Commission has tightened the visas of students who have obtained poor academic scores and are weak in English. Most of the people who have applied to study in Australia are getting their visas rejected. While this problem is not seen for those who go for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, those who go for Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs face this problem.