Victoria man fined for driving car with his knees while eating cereal out of a bowl

  • February 27, 2020

Benalla Highway Patrol officers encountered an odd incident of road rule violation in Benalla today.

At about 8:30 am today, the officers saw a man using a handheld mobile phone while driving on Sydney Road. They intercepted the vehicle and issued the 25-year-old man with an infringement notice at a cost of $496 and 4 demerit points before he continued his drive towards the freeway.

However, 10 minutes later, a different unit patrolling the Hume Freeway saw the same man allegedly steering his car with his knees while eating cereal out of a bowl.

The man was intercepted again and was issued another infringement notice for failing to have full and proper control of a vehicle, costing $248.

“Benalla Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Owen Clarke would like to remind motorists that any behaviour that jeopardizes their own safety or other road users will be dealt with,” said Victoria Police in a report.

“The Hume Freeway is a road with the highest speed limit in Victoria at 110km/h so drivers should keep an eye out for our regular patrols that are targeting this type of offending,” Act Sgt Clarke was quoted as saying.

Following road safety rules helps prevent traffic mishaps and saves lives. However, many people try to flout road rules in the absence of patrol officers despite the government of Victoria listing out a detailed summary of key road rules by topic and information about the penalties that can apply if someone is caught breaking the rules.