Victoria Police confirms no gunman in Flagstaff Train Station

Source: 3AW Radio Station

Victoria police was reported of a passenger carrying firearm case in one of the trains in Melbourne’s Flagstaff train station this morning. Responding to the report, Victoria police evacuated the station with heavily armed officers and did not let anyone enter the station. They had asked everyone to avoid the station.

After the station was searched by Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT), the Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed that no firearm was found and the station was declared safe.

According to Metro Trains, a train was stopped in Flagstaff about 8:30 am and evacuated.

Initially, train services was working avoiding the city loop, later it was resumed at 9.03 am. The dramatic scene caused a huge panic in travelling passengers.

According to 3AW radio station, the reason behind the incident was a busker doing breathing exercise in the train. Later it resulted in train drivers reporting of firearm in their intercom.