Victoria records third consecutive day of zero Covid-19 deaths; 14 new cases overnight

Melbourne CBD as seen from Parliament Station.

Victoria has recorded a third consecutive day of zero Covid-19 related deaths on Saturday as the state continues its efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Victoria, especially metropolitan Melbourne had found itself in the middle of a second wave of infections when the State Government imposed Level 4 restrictions in the first week of August. While infections peaked through August and early September, number of new cases and death rate began to drop from late September to early October, making it evident that the hard lockdown proved effective in terms of public health.

The lockdown, while proving effective in bringing the numbers down, battered the state’s economy though, and Victoria has a long economic recovery road to cover as Covid-19 continues to disrupt global, national and local markets.

Meanwhile, Victoria recorded 14 new coronavirus cases overnight on Saturday, denting hopes of achieving a 14-day rolling average below five cases by 19th Ocober, 2020.

Premier Andrews reiterated the sentiment saying ‘Melbourne is unlikely to take a big step out of restrictions next Sunday, with coronavirus cases failing to drop as quickly as hoped’. He however assured that there would be some changes, and the changes would be significant.

Melbourne’s 14-day average, as of Saturday, is at 9.5. Currently there are three clusters in Victoria – Kilmore, Chadstone, and Box Hill.