Victorian Premier’s Office vandalised amidst growing frustrations around state’s coronavirus restrictions

The vandalised office of Premier Andrews at his electorate office in Noble Park. (Image: Facebook)

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew’s office has been vandalised for a second time in a month on Thursday. Images show the words ‘sack Dan’ painted in red on the Premier’s electorate office in Noble Park. A window of his office was also shattered in the act of vandalism.

This is the second time his office has been vandalised within a month – earlier, on 25th September, his office was seen scribbled with graffiti.

Police are investigating into the act of vandalism.

Growing anti-Dan sentiment:

Meanwhile, his office being vandalised is not the only form of anti-Dan sentiment being experienced by Dan. Recently, a bus plastered with signs calling on the Victorian Premier to be sacked and to let Victorians out was seen across Melbourne’s CBD with a ‘special appearance’ in front of the Victorian Parliament.

The bus, protesting against the lockdown, had a sign saying ‘LET US OUT’ on one side and ‘LET US WORK’ on the other, and was seen in several parts of Melbourne.

Metropolitan Melbourne, which has spent more than 10 weeks under strict stage 4 restrictions, is witnessing a surge in anti-Dan sentiment. Earlier, Melbourne was supposed to meet Step 3 of its roadmap to Covid-19 normal, but a recent spike in cases deterred Melbourne from meeting its target.

Premier Andrews, earlier announced there would be significant changes, but Victorians would still have to wait to meet its Step 3 requirements – anti-Dan protests, in subtle and in bold ways, have spiked since.

However, it would also be unfair to the Premier to say that there are only anti-Dan sentiments floating around in Melbourne – various people, groups and organisations have hailed the premier’s unrelenting efforts to keep Victoria’s numbers down – and that too despite mounting criticism and pressure.

Victoria is at the verge of controlling its second wave of infections, and as of Thursday reported only 6 new cases of Covid-19 in the state. Just one and a half month ago, cases in Victoria were peaking with 721 new cases on 30th July alone.