Visitor visa holder charged over possession of child exploitation material in mobile phone

May 14, 2019

A 30-year-old Indonesian tourist was stopped at Perth International Airport for baggage examination while attempting to depart for Denpasar, Indonesia.

Australian Border Force (ABF) officer while examining the mobile phone of the tourist allegedly found three videos which depicted the sexual abuse of children, and two other videos containing “abhorrent” sexual activity. He was arrested and charged for attempting “Export a Prohibited Import” of Child Pornography and “Export Objectional Goods” under Customs Act 1901.

He has received conditional bail to reappear in court on 24 May 2019 after appearing to court yesterday on 13 May.

ABF Regional Commander for Western Australia, Rod O’Donnell said, “Visitors need to be aware that possession of child exploitation material is viewed very seriously under Australian law.”

“ABF officers have significant powers to search the mobile phones and electronic devices of international travellers and they exercise those powers at airports around the country on a daily basis”, Commander O’Donnell said.

Possession of “abhorrent” material defined by Australian law is prohibited while crossing the border and the maximum penalty for importing or exporting such material is 10 years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $525,000.

Recently, ABF officers removed a Brazilian man, 28, from Australia after finding abhorrent material on his mobile phone on 11 May 2019, another 45-year-old Indian tourist was refused to enter Australia on 2 May 2019 after locating a video which was not sexual in nature but depicted physical assault of a child. Similarly, a Malaysian man was also charged over the possession of child exploitation material while attempting to enter Australia at Perth International Airport.