What will your question to Nepal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs be? Send them to MNTV

From the global economy to national governments, multinational corporations to small entreprenuers, hospitality industry to the education sector – the health emergency brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has spared no one. The degree of effect may vary, nevertheless everyone is impacted.

Similarly, international students in Australia and temporary visa holders have been identified as a vulnerable group – most international students have either lost their jobs, or have had their shifts cut, classes are continuing, and with no relief from the federal government in sight, their plight is pitiable. Similarly, with no assistance towards temporary visa holders, families supporting parents/guardians also seem to have been affected financially.

Meanwhile, Nepal’s lockdown also means those who suffer cannot go back home.

Therefore, addressing such queries, My Nepal TV, a community media organisation is reaching to Nepal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Pradeep Gyawali. In the interview, which will be conducted Live, MNTV’s chief-editor Chiranjebi Devkota will be addressing the queries of the Nepali community in Australia. Mr. Devkota has also urged the public’s participation – and has asked community members to share their concern via email at [email protected].

The exact date and time of the interview will be shared in a future date, and can be watched Live on MNTV’s Facebook page.

Please find the link below: https://www.facebook.com/MNTVAustralia/