YABS Services, a migration services business owned by prominent Australian-Indian businessman under investigation for fraudulent practices

  • February 28, 2018

2018-02-28, With inputs from ABC Report and MIA Facebook Page

Border Force investigators, acting upon several complaints has raided the office of YABS Migration and Student Services in Melbourne. The business is owned by prominent Indian-Australian businessman, Avniesh Bhardwaj, and is facing various counts of fraudulent services.  Mr. Bhardwaj is believed to be overseas.

It is learnt that YABS Migration and Student Services would charge clients a range of $20,000 – $50,000 for a job in Australia and provide skilled employment visas for them. They were told the migration agency would promise them an approval after 3 – 4 months.

In a report by ABC News, “Clients said they were told that if the application was rejected, they would receive a partial refund. However in some instances it has now been up to four years since the initial payment was made, and the jobs and promises have come to nothing.”

This report by ABC News triggered Migration Institute of Australia Limited, an authority and benchmark for informed, trusted, and respected migration practice and leadership, to issue a public notice. In the notice they inform YABS Migration and Student Services has liberally used the logos of Migration Institute of Australia is not licensed to do so.

“A Facebook site operated under the identity of Yabsmigration.com currently displays the logo of The Australian Migration Institute of Australia Limited which is strictly controlled IP and a logo that may only be displayed by current members of The Migration Institute of Australia Limited (MIA) who are registered migration agents with OMARA.

YABS is not licensed, and never has been licensed, to use the logo of the MIA. We believe the use of our logo on YABS publications (including website & Facebook) is arguably misleading and deceptive and may leave members of the public to believe YABS is a member of the MIA, when it is not”, they have written on their public notice on Facebook.