Acharya Balkrisha to establish Gurukul-styled School – Acharyakulam in Nepal

Acharya Balakrishna, Chairman of Patanjali Ayurved of Haridwar, India has announced to establish an ‘Acharyakulam, a residential school at Bardagoriya Dham area of Sunwal in Paschim Nawalparasi district.
Balakrishna, an Indian of Nepali descent, on Tuesday made the announcement while taking an on-site visit of Bardagoriya area for establishing herbal medicine processing centre, yoga centres and Vedic agricultural programmes among others.
Yoga mentor Ramdev and Balakrishna are running the residential schools imparting Gurukul-styled education as well as modern one in the Acharyakulam in Haridwar.
Balakrishna, during his visit in Bardagoriya, said that he wanted to invest in Nepal and he found Bardagoriya a viable place for that.
Balakrishna said, “I would like to develop this place as an education centre if the locals here support my initiatives. I would like to offer free education to the children from underprivileged communities since I myself had a poverty-stricken childhood.”
Furthermore, he articulated his intent to set up Acharyakulam and Yog Centres in every seven provinces of the country which he believed would contribute towards making Nepalis educated and healthy. “Being a Nepali myself, I would like to contribute my part to make Nepal prosperous and healthy.”