AIBT and Immigration Department of Australia

Anugya Pathak, February 27, 2019

There have been many issues of students being cheated by Australian Colleges and Nepalese agencies. Agencies are being so smart that they deny it was them and moved to a extent of threatening already victimized students.

Students are also to be blamed. I have known quite a few students, who, if not processed by the agencies and consultancies for the application of student visa due to their lower academic scores or IELTS find other agencies and any how wants to move to Australia. COE being the official letter, they should have been aware, if clearly stated in the COE that the course is not registered; their study in Australia is not valid for working or for further study.

However, I assume that students being from overseas were not aware of the fact that registration is important for Australian education providers and no teachings can be held without registration.

Students were deceived with false information and were misguided.

The question that keeps popping in my mind is, how can Immigration department of Australia issue visa to the student when they had the COE for the unregistered course? It was 21st of February that I visited Immigration web page and found that Visas are not issued if the COE is not issued for the registered course. It clearly states, “students outside Australia – must provide Confirmation of Enrollment in a registered course of study when they lodge their student visa application”.Furthermore the various headings including eligibility for student visa, COE and the importance of registered course has been made clear.

So, the question is how can Immigration Department make such a mistake or it was a planned havoc or the profit a single person made intentionally.

I urge the associated departments and consumer protection department to view on this side of the case as well.

Now, I can only hope that Australia, the land of hope does not turn to land of pain for thousands of students. Fraudsters are punished and the innocent students are provided with better compensation. Moreover, I trust in the law and system of this country.

**The opinion expressed solely belongs to the writer and not to The Nepalese Voice.