Nepalese Embassy and NRN Australia meet to discuss and promote Nepali community interests

  • September 23, 2017

2017-09-23, Press Release

A formal meeting has been conducted in the Nepalese Embassy, Canberra between NRNA President Tonnou Ghothane and Her Excellency Lucky Sherpa. Present in the meeting were Deputy Chief of Mission Rajendra Pandey, Vice Presidents of NRNA Rajan Prasad Dhungel and Nanda Gurung, NRN Secretary Deb Bahadur Gurung, Members Adarsha Jung Pandey and Suresh Regmi.

In an open and friendly discussion, top priority was to request the government to resolve the issue of citizenship provisions to Non-Resident Nepalis. Another request to be made to the government is for a budget to provide immediate assistance to Nepali citizens in Australia in case of emergencies such as death and deteriorating health. The budget shall be overlooked by the Embassy and NRN Australia.

It has also been decided that NRN Australia will communicate its financial assistance and community development programs to the Embassy.

International students coming to pursue higher education and their possible assistance were also discussed in detail. The Embassy, Consulate Offices will work towards educating the students of their rights; provide general information about the rules and institutions. Requests to educational consultancies are also to be made to follow the same. The Embassy and NRNA will also request the Education Ministry to request students to get a full insurance coverage throughout the students’ education period.

Efforts shall also be made towards promotion of sports and tourism in Nepal. Friendly matches between Australian and Nepalese teams shall be organized and more nights highlighting Nepal Tourism to Australians will be held.

The Embassy and NRN Australia have agreed upon conducting more meetings as such in the future.