NRN Australia and Nari Nikunja Australia organizing a ‘Walk for Welfare for Women’ on March 10

  • January 29, 2018

2018-01-29, NV

NRN Australia will be organizing a ‘Walk for Welfare for Women’ on March 1oth, 2018. The walkathon aims to collect AUD 100,000 which shall be utilized towards various welfare programs – 60% shall be used by Nari Nikunja Australia for their welfare programs and 40% will be deposited in NRN Australia’s ‘Welfare Fund’.

A press release was organized on Sunday to reveal the walkathon in AD’s Kitchen, Campsie. Pratigya Adhikari, organizer of the program and coordinator of Nari Nikunja Australia explained the mission behind the initiative. The mission behind this year’s walkathon is to ‘raise awareness regarding domestic violence within the Nepali community in Australia and to expose the increasing mental pressure these violent activities have upon women’.  The walkathon will also aim to help build friends facing similar problems, provide necessary aid and to empower women in general. The walkathon is deliberately organized on a Saturday of the week the world observes International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day is on the 8th of March, Thursday; the walkathon is on the 10th of March, Saturday.

The walk will begin from Cook Park, Bay Council and end at Brighton Beach which is almost equal to 3 kilometres.

Interested members can go to to register their names. A $150 fee is applicable for a family and/or $60 for a single entry. A nominal fee of $30 if you are on a visitor’s visa.

The program is not limited to Sydney, ‘Walk for Welfare for Women’ will be held in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia.

Pratigya Adhikari and Tonnou Gothane (President, NRN Australia) answered all queries related to the walkathon. Gothane along with Secretary Dev Gurung also informed journalists and present members about NRN Australia’s progress – the formation of a task force, future programs and more.