Swotantra Pratap Shah as a candidate for NRN Youth Coordinator

  • September 24, 2017

2017-09-24, Agencies

Queensland resident, Swotantra Pratap Shah has decided to contest for the post of NRN Global Youth Coordinator in the upcoming eighth NRN Global Conference. Talking to MNTV, Shah said his primary agenda is to develop leadership qualities in today’s youth. And via this, he wishes to channel skill development in the youths of Nepal. Shah has already served three tenures as the Vice President of NRN Australia.

Hailing from Queenland, Shah is also the ambassador for Nepal Tourism Board. He believes that through sports it is possible we unite Nepalese from around the globe and should direct our energies towards it.  His interest in nomination is being supported by current youth coordinator Bijay Pokhrel.

Talking to MNTV, Pokhrel said, “Shah’s enthusiasm and planning expresses his interest to develop the youths of our next generation and has me convinced that he will be perfect for the post. He already has previous experience with NRN and shall have my support whenever necessary”. “I say that everyone should back Shah”, he added.

Shah himself is very determined to unite the youths of Nepal and divert energies towards the nation’s development. Why him, when asked, he said “I am myself a youth, and feel I understand how the youth should be motivated, towards which direction even. To harness the youth spirit and channeling it into the right direction is my foremost agenda, and how to do that, I shall disclose my plans later”, he said.