Nepal collects RS 9 million revenue from Yarsa pickers

4 June 2019

Mugum Karmarong rural municipality of Mugu district has levied Rs 9 million from the yarsa pickers. The amount was collected as entry fee in five days, from May 27.

More than a dozen high lands in Mugu villages of the rural municipality are thronged by the locals to collect the precious herb. Those from within the district were charged Rs 2,000 each, while Rs 2,500 was levied on each to outsiders.

Chhapakhola, Chyarku, Rimar, Thulokhoki, Syankhoki, Chalne, Tanke and Mangdang are areas for the yarsa pickers every year. Four hundred people were allowed this year for the collection of precious herb, according to Information officer at Mugum Karmarong rural municipality, Tirtharaj Shahi. RSS