50 years long journey started with just 700 rupees.

Actor and director Nir Shah has been active in acting for the past 50 years.
He is a legacy of Nepali film industry with the ability to act live in all kinds of roles.
He has been active in acting since the early days of Nepali film.
He has acted in many memorable films and has made a name for himself because of his voice.

Nir Shah, who has directed memorable films like ‘Masan’, ‘Basanti’, ‘Basudev’ and ‘Pachchis Basanta’.He started his acting journey in 2024 BS with the film ‘Parivartan’ directed by Hira Singh Khatri.

In his five-decade-long film career, he has acted in more than 300 films including ‘Kusume Rumal,Prempinda, Naata Ragatko, Kanchi, Dhukdhuki, Munamdan, Kismat, Sano Sansar, Badalpari’.He has also acted in guest roles in some Bollywood films.

Artist Shah has also written scripts for many films.He got a salary of Rs 700 in the first film and is now known as an expensive character actor in Nepali films.

He is also a skilled lyricist and is the creator of popular songs like ‘Parkhibase Aula Bhani’,’Chhori Malai Bhagi Bhagi Nasatau’, ‘Gahiraima Dubdai Nadub’, ‘Pyari Basanti’, ‘Ko Ho To Jisle Malai’.

Actor Nir Shah, who has been taking pressure medication for almost 13 years, has been called the Bhishma Pitamah of the Nepali film industry.
He has also made a great contribution in establishing television in Nepal.
He is the founding chairman of Nepal Television. Apart from acting, he has been running a consultancy for a long time and has received many national and international honors.