Aina Jhyal Ko Putali on September 9

The trailer of Aina Jhyal Ko Putali (Butterfly on the Windowpane) directed by Sujith Bidari has been released.

The trailer shows a dream of a girl who wants to get a school education but her dream gets shattered.

The trailer has also presented the dimensions of the sister-brother relationship. The film will be released on September 9.

Aina Jhyal Ko Putali was selected for prestigious film festivals like Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, Jalin Film Festival in the Czech Republic, and Asia Pacific Screen Award in Australia. Aina Jhyal Ko Putali is the debut film of Bidari as a writer and director in a feature film.

The film tells the dream of a 13-year-old girl studying in a village school in a hilly district to study in the city. But every time she gets close to her dream, some obstacle comes and her dream gets shattered.

According to director Bidari, he prepared the plot by comparing a girl’s dream of reading to a butterfly stuck in a mirror-like window. The butterfly stuck in a mirror window sees everything outside, but no matter how hard it tries, it can’t get out.

“The situation of the main character of our film is also the same,” said Bidari.

Bidari said that the childlike relationship between the girl and her 9-year-old brother is also an interesting aspect of the film.

Siru Bista, Kanchan Chimariya, Dinesh Khatri, Raj Thapa, Bisha Chamling Rai, Umesh Shrestha, Mallika Shrestha hzave done the film.

Akash Paudel, Prabin Syangbo, Sujit Bidari, Ram Krishna Pokharel, and Sushant Shrestha jointly produced the film under the banner of Icefall Productions, Local Cinema, and Arco Films. The cinematography of the film has been directed by Amar Maharjan while Kiran Shrestha edited the film.

Source : TRN,