Are you ready for the Grand Finale of MNTV Hall of Fame – II?

Kathmandu, Nepal:

It started with more than one thousand video auditions, and is going to end with one winner – but the journey, that is what makes a reality show so special.

From one thousand applicants, fifty entered the audition round – from fifty, the Top 27 proceeded, from the Top 27, the Top 9, and in the semi-finals, the Top 6 performed. That is more than 100 songs right there – one hundred dreams towards becoming a superstar, if we would like to be more apt.

In what could be called the best episode so far – MNTV Hall of Fame has concluded its semi-finals. The following Top – 6 participants sang:

  1. Bijay Sunar, Ritu Haru ma Timi (Originally sung by Arun Thapa)
  2. Tika Magar, Nisthuri Lai Maya Gari (Originally sung by Rajesh Payal Rai)
  3. Purna BK, Paniko Foka Jasto Futyo Hamro Maya (Originally sung by Rajina Rimal)
  4. Namsang Rai, Mutu Jalirahecha (Originally sung by Bhakta Raj Acharya)
  5. Ronish Shrestha, K Yo Maya Ho (Originally sung by Sugam Pokhrel)
  6. Samir Limbu, Hira Katnay Hiraima Rakhera (Ram Krishna Dhakal)

From the Top-6, Bijay Sunar, Tika Magar, and Purna BK have proceeded to the Top 3, and will be competing for the Hall of Fame Title in the Season Grand Finale on Saturday, 27th February, 2021.

Time: 8 PM (NST)
MNTV Australia YouTube Channel or Himalaya TV