Art Exhibition Of SCO Countries Kicks Off In China

Art works reflect not only the abstract meaning and connotations embedded in them. They are also an accepted form of soft power that promotes understanding, harmony and friendship among the people and nations of divergent cultural, political and ethnic backgrounds.

This is what the core message of the two-week exhibition titled “For a Shared Dream – the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) Countries Art Exhibition & Painting Exhibition of Female Artists and Children” that opened at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing on September 7.
Representatives of government agencies and the public, as well as diplomats from the SCO countries attended the opening ceremony. The exposition is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the organisation and the Year of Culture of the SCO in China. 

It displays 53 art works, from the SCO’s 18 member states collected by the National Art Museum of China and 89 works were exhibited simultaneously through multimedia (Set), through academic planning and visual art exhibitions.
Themed on “homeland and aspiration”, “journey and exchange”, “diversity and integration” and “destiny and co-existence”, the exhibition will reflect the pursuit of good neighbourliness, in-depth exchanges, and the joint construction of a community of people-to-people and cultural engagement, said a SCO statement received here.

It also features a painting ‘To the Harmony’ by Nepali artist Kabi Raj Lama. It is based on print medium.
Addressing the function, Wu Weishan, director of the National Art Museum of China, said that the most important thing about the exhibition was cultural inclusion.
“It brings together works of artists from the SCO countries, each with its own characteristics. The theme of the event is a common dream,” he said, adding that the background colour of the exhibition emblem is blue which symbolises a boat. “The common future of humanity floats forward under the same blue sky and in the same sea.”

“The exhibition highlights the richness of the SCO states art traditions, their national features and cultural identities,” said Russian ambassador to China Andrei Denisov.
Nepal joined SCO as Dialogue Partner in 2016. Nepal is engaged with SCO in the field of trade, transit and investment, energy, agriculture, small and medium business, among others. 

Source : TRN,