Aryan’s hard work to build a body, is it in acting?

Lately, Bollywood has been dominated by six pack heroes. There are very few actors in Nepali films who have made six pack bodies. One of them is Aryan Adhikari. Although he failed to impress the audience with his acting skills, his well-built body has attracted many. When you look at his body, you get a glimpse of Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff.

He made his acting debut in Aakash Adhikari directed film ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoin Ra’. The film barely drew investment from the domestic market. The audience praised Aryan’s shapely body and action. After this, he acted in two films ‘Butterfly and Badha Mayale’.But, both of them could not give him the happiness of success.

His new film ‘Jasmine’ which is on verge of releasing have given him hopes of reviving his career once again, Aryan now has returned to the US after three films failed to elevate his career.

Aryan, who has been criticized for working harder to improve his body than acting, shared a shirtless photo of himself on Facebook on Wednesday, in which he can be seen with thick arms, wide chest and six-pack body.

Even in the United States, he is trying to make his body attractive, but he has not been able to find a suitable role in the film. Due to which, his career is faltering. Aryan still has a strong chance to prove himself in Nepali films if he is serious in his film choices by sacrificing his body and penance to improve his acting.