FDB to hold int’l film festival in Dubai

Film Development Board, Nepal (FDB) is going to organise the ‘Nepali Cinema Fest ‘ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from February 1 to 3 next year.

With the slogan ‘Taking Nepali Cinema to the World’ the FDB and Surya Corporation signed an agreement for the film fest amid a programme held in the capital on Thursday. The board is going to hold the festivalfor the first time in collaboration with Surya Corporation of the private sector.

According to the action plan signed with the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology by the Chairman of

the Film Development Board, the festival is going to be held under the title of ‘organising the programme at the international level in collaboration with the private sector under the annual program othe board’.

In the three-day programme, there will be the screening of Nepali films with subtitles in Arabic as well as various presentations by artistes.

Likewise, there will be an interaction programmes between government representatives, Nepali embassy, businessmen and artistes living there for the expansion of the Nepali film market in the UAE.

In the festival, under the ‘Filming Destination of Nepal’ project, a documentary of Gandaki Province will be screened with Arabic subtitles.

In a press meet, Board Chairman Bhuwan KC said that the programme, which was started to expand the market of Nepali films at the international level is very important for the Nepali film industry.

He mentioned that this programme will play an important role in facilitating the censoring of Nepali films in the UAE, where there is a significant presence of Nepalis.

The board has plans to organise various programmes in other international markets after UAE, informed in the programme.

Source : TRN,