Hijo Aja Ka Kura from today

With veteran actors Santosh Pant and Rama Thapaliya in the lead role, Hijo Aaj ka Kura is an adaptation of Pant’s popular tele-serial Hijo Aaj ka Kura.Directed by Sakar Pant, son of Santosh Pant, the film is going to be released across the country in the cinema halls on Friday.

Hijo Aja Ka Kura, the most popular TV drama of the 1990s, was aired from television every Friday from 1995 to 2013. The 150-minute film tries to show various dimensions of family relationships.

The main focus of the film is the desire of the middle-class Nepali people to go abroad and the condition the elderly parents living back in Nepal and the children living abroad face. Another major concern of the film is the deviations in the relationship when a couple goes abroad.

The movie also explores the growing tendency among the new generation people to get married just to go overseas. The film also remembers the late three actors of the movie Rohini Bhattarai, Niranjan Prasad Aryal and Jayananda Lama.

Aryal and Bhattarai died of COVID-19 while Lama was found dead in his car.Along with Pant and Thapaliya, actors Keki Adhikari, Reecha Sharma, Divya Dev Pant, Sakar Pant, Rima Bishwokarma, Jayananda Lama, Ramesh Adhikari, Jebika Karki, Binayak Kuikel, Anushka Adhikari, Niranjan Prasad Aryal, Laxmi Bhusal, Sabin Shakya, Manju Shrestha, Sailaja Pandey, Kamala Regmi have done the film. Ravi Sayami is the cinematography director of the movie presented by Pant Film Production.

Source : TRN,