Journalist Niru’s words and singer Bhattarai’s voice – ‘Korera Mitha Bhavharu’

  • February 11, 2018

2018-02-11, NV

What else is a song apart from the food for the soul? Isn’t it a poem versed well with harmonizing music? It indeed is that, and much more for the words and the music may fall on the ears but it touches the heart.

Just like that a very articulate journalist Niru Tripathi, known by her pen name Dev Lalita and a young talented singer Nishan Bhattara (Nepal Idol 2017 runners up) have come together to create a beautiful composition – Korera Mitho Bhav haru.

Korera Mitha Bhavharu
Metaunu na khoja hai,
Batulera bishwasharu,
Tutauna na khoja hai

Translated to:

By sketching sweet emotions,
do not try to rub them out,
by accumulating faith,
do not try to rub them out

This beautiful composition was released on Friday by Mission Entertainment. The musical score was done by B P Wagle, verses by Niru Tripathi (Dev Lalita) and the beautiful voice by Nishan Bhattarai. Niru has herself acted in the musical video along with acclaimed actor and director Rajan Khatiwada. The music video has been directed by Nabin Bhatta and produced by Rajan Lama.

A journalist and literary figure Dev Lalita had penned these verses approximately seven years ago. She is great enthusiast of literature and playwrights. Her vision of the poem was to incorporate in a music video which reflected a bit of an old creation. This is Tripathi and Khatiwada’s first music video.

Click on the image for video, or follow link below: