Leaks And Piracy: Downside Of Nepali Music Industry

Born on 19th October 1984 in Kathmandu, Manas Ghale is a rap singer, songwriter and composer.
First seen as 1/3 of the popular rap trio Nepsydaz, the group earned a young following for themselves hailing their tunes, dancing along to their beats after their second album Made in Nepal (2005). Their debut KTM Reality (2003), however, wasn’t as well-received for the lack of appreciation of Hip-Hop music in Kathmandu at that point of time. Thus, a well-oriented plan for their latter release was introduced supporting the quite “in-trendy” remix culture at that period, with the music video of their single Chudaina, a Hip-Hop rendition of the 1974 A.D. tune.
A brilliant move that enforced the stubborn genre-classifying audience, who loved this rendition for its hook melody that totally sustained the originality, and the modern listeners who were astonished by this quality of rap never before heard in a Nepali setting. This further led to the listeners wanting more and thus the album with such great tunes like Maya, Aaja Kina and more just became irresistible to not discover.
Comprising of Kiran Shrestha a.k.a. Mistah K, Manas Ghale a.k.a. Loorey and Gyanon Chitrakar a.k.a. Zero Level, the trio’s last album was Aayo Nepsydaz (2008) and since then they’ve been only re-releasing their older material from their official YouTube channel. While, all the members are actively making music, they’ve drifted apart over the years doing solo projects, collaborating with other artists and continuing their hustle individually.
And so coming to the recent collaboration leaking out of many sites and channels, Ordeal by Manas Ghale featuring Bartika Eam Rai, this fire mixture that should be making headlines right now still fails to reach many, most probably because its official release link seems to broken or was taken down due to some error.
However, with the technology coming in handy a lot of sites have already released the track from their personal YouTube accounts, which is such a terrible downside of the Nepali music industry and its everlasting bond with piracy. The lack of creative licensing helps aid this problem further and the artist as usual are the ones taking the hardest hit as most of Nepali music is self-funded ventures led by mere desire of the artist to carry on their craft and way of life.
Taken from Ghale’s upcoming album ‘Keraisiti Collabs Vol. I’, the single is produced by Dj AJ, starting out with this magnificent bamboo flute arrangement played by the virtuosic flutist Ashish Maharjan from bands like The Triplets, Vairabhi and more.
Moving on to a short vocal adlib by Bartika Rai, followed by Manas Ghale’s eloquent words forming a full-circle with the melancholic chorus where Rai demonstrates her effortless sounding vocal textures and her way with Nepali lyrics. The song deals with issues concerning mental health degradation leading to suicidal tendencies and raising awareness for this seriously neglected illness that contributes in many untimely deaths and the after-effects of the incident which remain on the lives touched by the departed soul.
So, even though asking people to check out this release would be an ideal closure statement for this article, but I would like to request anyone discovering this track from this space to at the least re-listen to this same piece once and when its publicized again by the Official YouTube Channel from the respective artists.