Malaika Arora Announces Nude Bowls, Her First Delivery-Only Restaurant

Malaika Arora, who is known for healthy living, has launched her delivery-only restaurant called Nude Bowls.

The first of its kind in the industry, it was conceptualized and created by Malaika with the aim to provide the customers with healthy, nutritious meals in a bowl without any hidden ingredients. Nude Bowls is available to order on the EatSure mobile app and website in 4 cities – Mumbai. Delhi NCR, Pune. and Bangalore across 200 locations.

Speaking about the new delivery-only restaurant, Malaika Arora says, “No more secrets. I have been building something that is going to be exciting for both, you and I. Get ready to eat the most delicious & wholesome meals with me! So, NUDE BOWLS, it is! N = Nutritious U = Undisguised D = Delicious E= Eats Are you excited?”

In another post, Malaika adds, “I enjoyed these endless discussions. Planning the menu, choosing bowls over plates, opting for organic packaging, and so much more! Now when I look back, it all seems fruitful. I wanted to build a food brand that you and I can enjoy without any doubts, especially about the contents. NUDE Bowls. This is Real and Honest.”

Nude Bowls menu includes Irani Curry Rice Bowl with Chicken Meatballs and Egg Omelette, Dum-pukht bhuna rice bowl with Chicken Haleem Kebab, Dum-pukht bhuna rice bowl with Beetroot Kebab, Herb-crusted Grilled Chicken bowl with barbecue sauce, Lebanese Falafel bowl with Traditional Pita, Homestyle Dal Makhani rice bowl with Seasoned Yoghurt Patties, and Homestyle Smoky Chicken Makhani Rice Bowl.

Source : TRN,