Megha Chaudhary Rescues Model, Actress Nisha, Admits To Hospital

Actress and model Nisha Ghimire, who was injured in a road accident in Dehradun, India, three years ago, has been admitted to Norvic International Hospital, Kathmandu.
Megha Chaudhary, Director of Norvic Hospital, rescued Ghimire from the latter’s house in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur on Thursday.
Talking to The Rising Nepal, director Chaudhary confirmed that she recused the actress and model and the hospital would bear her treatment cost.
Nisha’s father Raju Ghimire also confirmed her rescue by Chaudhary.
According to him, his daughter was admitted to Norvic Hospital Thursday afternoon.
Nisha had a car accident in Dehradun three years ago, said her father.
Nisha had been to India to study art with an aim of taking a career in film and modeling.
Unfortunately, a few months after she reached the Indian town of Dehradun, she met a road accident that left her with a serious head injury, he added.
Initially, she received treatment in India, however, due to poor financial condition of her family, they were unable to continue her treatment in India and brought her home.
According to the father, she was treated at Trauma Centre in Kathmandu for three months, but her condition did not improve.
At the advice of doctors, she also underwent therapy at various therapy centers, he said.
However, because of poor financial condition, and due to COVID- 19 pandemic, she was kept in home for a year, said Ghimire.
After the accident, a beautiful model, Nisha turned into a skeleton and could not walk or talk. Her father wants to see her daughter at least capable to sit on her own, and talk.
Talking about the Nisha’s condition, director Chaudhary said, “Now Nisha’s condition is better than yesterday. She does not have the strength to fight the disease. She weighs only 20 kg. There are wounds all over her body as she was bedridden for a long time. She was cleaned and had dressing. The primarily purpose is to increase her weight by feeding her high diet and we hope she would return to her minimal stable condition.”
Chaudhary said that she got information about Nisha’s condition through Durganath Dahal, director of Navjeevan Paropakar Samaj, and the media.
“I didn’t know that Nisha used to work in music videos and films. I had only seen her photos. She is an artiste but I am surprised to see that no artiste came to help her for three years.”
Chaudhary also claimed that in the name of Nisha, many people have raised funds, but the fund never reached the needy one.
Until three years ago, model Ghimire was enjoying the glittering world of modeling. But, an unfortunate accident ruined her life.
Nisha had played the lead role in the Nepali and Maithili language film “Madheshiputra 2”. She has also acted in the TV series “Dear Jindagi” and done dozen music videos.