MNTV Hall of Fame – II wraps up with an award ceremony and a promise of a bigger Season – III

Kathmandu, Nepal:

MNTV Hall of Fame – II, a signature online, singing competition has wrapped up with a bang – a beautiful awards ceremony held at Kathmandu’s Royal Singi Hotel.

Attended by judges Deep Shrestha, Rajina Rimal and Bivek Shrestha (virtually from Melbourne), winner Tika Magar and runners-up Purna BK, hosts Sadichha Shrestha and Suman Karki, sponsors, production team and other partners – MNTV extended its gratitude to everyone who contributed towards the success of the show. The program was also in attendance of Mr. Chiranjebi Devkota, the chief executive producer of MNTV Hall of Fame. In a virtual address from Melbourne, he thanked everyone involved in the success of MNTV Hall of Fame – II.

Hall of Fame – II Winner Tika Magar (L) and first runners-up Purna BK pose with their trophies
Judges Deep Shrestha and Rajina Rimal.
Photographer steals a candid moment of Ms. Sadichha Shrestha
Nepal Co-ordinator Abhimanyu Devkota (L) hands over the certificate to first runner up Purna Bk.
Host Mr. Suman Karki shares a smile for the camera.
Host Ms. Sadichha Shrestha smiles whilst holding her award certificate.

Organisers MNTV thanked and presented awards to judges, hosts, winners, and sponsors Mates International, Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology, Australia, and Ultimate Institute of Australia. It also thanked its community partner, ‘Hamro Patro’ and TV Partner ‘Himalaya TV’.

Recognising the contribution of the production team, MNTV Australia thanked its program consultant Laxman Paudyal and their production team, along with a special thanks to Nepgasm Team.

MNTV has also said that its upcoming season is being met with a lot of enthusiasm, and that Season III will be bigger and better.