MNTV Hall of Fame -II’s Episode 11 and 12 a respectful tribute to the legacy of Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal

Kathmandu, Nepal:

For every Nepali, the voice of Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal is embedded in their hearts. His voice and poetic lyrics have appealed to Nepalis across all generations – be it at home or away.

For example, it will not be surprising to hear a Narayan Gopal song to the rhythm of a guitar on a Sydney apartment balcony – I say so because it is a personal experience.

Episode 11, beginning with a short video tribute to the late Swar Samrat progresses to our judge Deep Shrestha’s personal memories with Narayan Gopal. Rajina Rimal shares her utmost admiration, and Bivek Shrestha (Kandara) connecting with Hall of Fame from Melbourne, Australia says “Growing up in a literary environment, says his early years was heavily influenced by Narayan Gopal”. He then goes on to say that Narayan Gopal’s songs combined a mix of ‘music, lyrics, and composition’ – something that is essential in today’s music industry.

Moving on to the participants’, they all perform popular songs of the beloved singer. Episode 11 feat

  1. Rupesh Pokhrel from Jhapa, Nepal performs Euta Manche Ko (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

2. Purna BK from Lalitpur, Nepal performs Lau Suna Ma Bhanchu (originally sung by Narayan Gopal).

3. Namsang Rai from Hong Kong performs Priyasi ka Yaad haru (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

4. Sudikshya Tamang from Bhaktapur, Nepal sings “Eti Dherai” (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

5. Ronish Shrestha from Dharan, Nepal sings “Pokhiyera Gham ka Jhulko”(originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

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Similarly in Episode 12,

6. Sameer Limbu of Kapan, Nepal sang “Jun Phul Maile” (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

7. Tika Magar from Ilam, Nepal sang “Aaja Bholi” (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

8. Jenny Tamang from Melbourne sang “Yeti Chokho, yeti mitho (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)

9. Bijay Sunar from Butwal, Nepal sang “Kei Mitho” (originally sung by Narayan Gopal)