NEFTA Awards in US on May 27

The Nepal Film Technician Association (NEFTA) is hosting the 11th NEFTA Film Award in Texas, USA, on May 27.

This was announced by organising a press conference in Kathmandu on Thursday. Senior actor Madan Krishna Shrestha unveiled the award trophy at the press meet.

Speaking at the programme, chairman of the Film Development Board Bhuwan KC said that such award programmes could play an important role in taking Nepali films to the international level. “Our aim is to promote language, culture and tourism through films,” he added.

Our ultimate aim is to spread language, art and culture to the world, said KC. Stressing the need for amending the Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act-2026, KC said that the decade-old film Act was impeding the development of Nepali movies.

KC said that discussions were underway with newly appointed Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma regarding the Act amendment.

NEFTA president Puskar Lama said that the aim of NEFTA film award was to internationalise Nepali films through awards and promote them.

He said that the award, which is going to be held on the occasion of the establishment of 75th diplomatic relations between Nepal and

America, could help further strengthen the cultural and domestic relations between the two countries.

Bimal Pachhai, chairman of Fame Nepal that is hosting the award, said that through NEFTA Awards, they are also promoting culture by collaborating with Hollywood and Bollywood as well.

He also said that the award for the best actor and actress categories would be presented by one of the Hollywood and Bollywood actors.

He also said that they were going to present a cultural tableau through a nearly 2-km long Nepal Parade programme including the Nepali community in Texas.

“We have plans to present a tableau reflecting culture and traditional costumes of all seven provinces of Nepal,” he said.

Films released within 2079 BS will compete for various 42 categories in the NEFTA Award.

Previously, NEFTA Awards had been held in Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Qatar.

Source : TRN,