Open Road Show Concert in memory of artist Lama

In memory of artist and singer late Jayanand Lama, the Madhyapur Boys Event is going to organize an ‘Open Road Show Concert’ at Gathaghar in Bhaktapur.
Speaking at a press conference organized today at Ghathaghar, the head of the organizing committee, Sunil Bajracharya, said a concert will be organized dedicating it to the late Lama. The concert is scheduled to be held on September 26.
The Madhyapur boys event has been organizing the ‘Open Road Show Concert’ for the past 19 years at Gathaghar. This year the show is being dedicated to late Lama and will be a free concert from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm on day of Ghatasthapana, the start of Dashain festival.
In the concert, famous young singers Raju Lama, Chhewang Lama, Rose Moktan, Brahmastra Band, Madhyapur Boys Band, Sunil Bajracharya and other singers and two sons of Jayanand will perform. (RSS)