Paul Shah to file appeal to High Court

Actor Purna Bikram Shah, popularly known as Paul Shah, said he would file an appeal to the High Court against the verdict of the Nawalpur District Court.

Senior advocate Parshu Ram Giri, who advocated on Shah’s behalf, informed that a case would be registered in the Pokhara High Court against the verdict, as he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for sexual abuse, fined Rs. 25,000 and was told to pay Rs. 1 million to the victim as compensation.

The final hearing of the case of actor Shah will be held on September 18 in Tanahun District Court.

Min Bahadur Kunwar, the registrar of Tanahun District Court, said that the hearing will be held to decide whether Shah be released on bail or kept in prison. Accused of rape, Shah is in doing his day in Tanahun Jail.

On February 23, the victim’s father had lodged a complaint at the district police office, Tanahun, saying that Shah repeatedly raped his daughter. Shah surrendered himself to the police office on February 27.

Victim’s father had also filed another complaint against Shah in Nawalpur, saying that Shah had raped his daughter in Nawalpur as well. Both the Tanahun District Court and the Nawalpur District Court ordered that Shah be sent to prison for a preliminary investigation.

Shah had also reached the High Court in Pokhara to appeal against the order of both the district courts, but the High Court upheld the order of the district courts. Although the victim and her father changed later their statements in both courts saying that Shah didn’t rape her, but the Tanahun and Nawalpur District Courts denied releasing him.

Source : TRN,