Popular Character ‘Iku’ To Be Back On TV

Suleman Shankar, popularly known as Iku, is all set to make a comeback in a small screen with “Ikupitang”.
After the popular comedy TV series “Meri Bassai”, Iku character was popular even in the film.
Artiste Shankar said that he was very happy to be seen on the television screen again with a role of ‘Iku’.
“Viewers both in home and overseas always tell me that they want to watch ‘Iku’ again on television,” said Shankar, adding that Ikupitang has been produced as per the wishes of the audiences.
The children in the past knew about the famous character ‘Iku’ but today’s children don’t know anything about Iku, he said.
“I wanted to keep the ‘Iku’ character alive also among the present generation that is why ‘Ikupitang’ is born,” he added.
‘Iku’ was a wild character and it will be presented differently, as a wilder character than before, he said.
Directed by Shankar himself, the series will be done by Shankar, Shyam Rai, Jack Gurung, Uttam KC, Raju Comedy, Amrita Khanal, Aarti Lama, Sachin Sharma, Ganesh Ishara, Manish Khadka, Maya Thami, Simran Matt, Saroj Dhakal and Milan Shankar. The story is written by Shankar himself.
Likewise, child artistes Kusal Lohani, Deepak Thapa Magar and Suman Magar will also be featured in the TV series.
Earlier, Shankar was also seen in few parts of the series “Halka Ramailo directed by ‘Iku’ directors Marichman Shrestha and Raju Poudel.
Produced by Global TV HD and SMS film, the TV show “Ikupitang” will be aired on Global TV HD from the last week of July.
Raju Poudel and Madan Maharjan will direct the cinematography while Rabin Bajagai will edit the comedy. The promo of the series was made public recently.