Public Prosecutor Reveals Reason Behind Raj Kundra’s Arrest; Claims 51 Pornographic Films Were Confiscated From Hotshots And Bolly Fame Apps

Businessman Raj Kundra got arrested by Mumbai police due to his involvement in a porn racket. His lawyers however claimed his films to be erotica rather than porn and thus termed his arrest as illegal.

Public prosecutor Aruna Pai revealed that the British businessman started wiping out WhatsApp groups and chats and therefore claimed these actions as destroying the evidence before the Bombay High Court.

Meanwhile, his IT expert and companion Ryan Thorpe also got arrested for erasing the evidence.

Public prosecutor Aruna Pai also informed that the Mumbai crime branch confiscated 51 pornographic films allegedly from Hotshots and Bolly Fame apps. She also revealed that an email exchange between Raj Kundra and his London-based brother-in-law Pardeep Bakshi was also found on his Hotshot app.

On the other hand, Gehana Vaisith who was given bail in Raj Kundra’s pornography case claimed that Mumbai police asked for a bribe of Rs 15 lakh to refrain from arresting her in this case. Apart from this, the police officials are also scrutinizing the involvement of Yash Thakur cum Arvind Shrivastava as it is alleged that he also played a crucial part in the production of adult films. But Yash Thakur has denied his link with Raj Kundra or knowing him personally.

Source : TRN,