Rajesh Hamal welcomes back migrant workers with #HamroNamaste

Nepal’s “Maha Nayak” Mr. Rajesh Hamal has urged his fellow Nepalis to welcome our own brothers and sisters home at this unprecedented time with clean hands, pure mind and a namaste.

The whole world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and our very own citizens wants to return home and be safe here. Mr. Hamal urges: “That the returning citizens are welcome home as the door stands with palms joint together to welcome and the time has come for us all to unite & be together”.

He adds: “keeping up with the current situation, we need to keep our hands clean and also requests all families to keep their heart and mind pure as well”

The initiative of Unilever in partnership with UNICEF have come together for this #hamronamaste social initiative in association with Mr. Rajesh Hamal as goodwill Ambassador. Mr. Hamal’s inclusion in this initiative will bring along brotherhood, goodwill & togetherness.

At this juncture, we are facing many ups and downs, but we need to be together, become one and welcome our own migrant brothers and sisters, encourage them and boost their morale.

Checkout the AV of Rajesh Hamal’s initiation below: