Sadhguru Returns After Kailash Visit

Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru has returned to Nepalgunj after viewing Mount Kailash and the Mansarovar Lake from Lapcha.

According to tourism entrepreneur Bijay Lama, Sadhguru made his way from Lumi Tumling, where he was staying, to Lapacha on foot on Tuesday and viewed the holy mountain and lake from Lapcha.

He again made the journey by helicopter on Wednesday to view them once more.

The Indian guru had arrived in Simkot on August 25 and began his walk to Lapcha the next day. It usually takes 11 days to reach Lapcha from Simkot on foot but he reached there in nine.

On Thursday, Sadhguru and his team made their way back to Simkot by helicopter. At Simkot Airport, he called Lapcha a beautiful tourist place and called his viewing of Kailash and Mansarovar from the Nepali territory historic.

He asked the stakeholders to develop infrastructure to promote foot travel to Lapcha and flew to Nepalgunj.

Sadhguru was accompanied in his pilgrimage by 49 non-residential Nepalis from different countries and 55 Nepali tourism entrepreneurs.

Source : TRN,