Salman Khan Slams People Watching Pirated Version Of ‘Radhe’

Salman Khan shared a video in which he urged his fans not to indulge in piracy.

The superstar had said, “No piracy in entertainment… #Radhe.” However, it seems like the film has fallen prey to piracy and has been leaked online on torrent websites. Salman took to his Instagram story and shared a note slamming people who illegally downloaded Radhe and watched it.

Khan wrote, “We offered you to watch our film ‘Radhe’ at a reasonable price of INR 249 per view. In spite of that pirated sites are streaming ‘Radhe’ illegally which is a serious crime. The cyber cell is taking action against all these illegal pirated sites. Please don’t participate in piracy or the cyber cell will take action against you as well. Please understand you will get into a lot of trouble with the cyber cell.”

Earlier, in a video, Salman had mentioned how many people put in lots of effort to make one film hence, it is very upsetting when some people take to piracy to enjoy that film. Salman is known for sticking to the commitments he makes and he is keeping his latest commitment of releasing ‘Radhe’ on Eid.

Khan asked his fans for the commitment to enjoying the film on its correct platform and say no to piracy in entertainment this Eid.