Singer Timalsina Searches For Identity

Sunita Timalsina, a young singer, is trying to make a separate identity in the music industry.
The young singer from Chatara, Barahakshetra Municipality -2, Sunsari, one day packed her bags and came to the capital to realise her dream of becoming a successful singer.
As it goes, success requires inspiration and determination, Timalsina has been working hard for six years in the industry.
Over the years she sang four songs, ‘Kohi Phaschhan, Kohi Phasayera Janchhan, I love you Baby, Khadbari Bazaar and Eh Kanchha.”
Now she is planning to come up with a new song in collaboration with Sunil Giri.
Timilsina has travelled as far as Dubai for her concerts and has performed numerous stage shows in both Nepal and abroad.
A high school graduate, Timalsina, also loves modeling.