Swastima and Bipin to do Bhasme Don

Actress Swastima Khadka has been roped in as the lead actress in Bhasme Don which is being produced under the direction of Dipendra Kumar Khanal.

A written agreement was signed between the production team and actress Khadka on Sunday.

The film is being jointly produced by Khanal and Khagendra Lamichhane.

Actress Khadka and Bipin Karki will be doing the lead roles in the film.

Saugat Malla, Rabindra Singh Baniyan, Prakash Ghimire and others are other actors of the film.

Although no written agreement signed with Saugat Malla, director Khanal has informed that Malla has agreed to act in the film.

The spinoff is going to be produced on Bhasme Don, a character of hit movie Pashupati Prasad, informed the film unit.

Khagendra, who played the character of Pashupati in Pashupati Prasad, will not be seen in Bhasme Don as his character ‘Pashupati’ died in Pashupati Prasad.

Bipin’s role as Bhasme Don in Pashupati Prasad became extremely popular. The story of the film is written by Khagendra Lamichhane.

The film will be shot around the Pashupatinath temple from February 24.

The film unit has planned to release the film in the upcoming Dashain festival.

Source : TRN,