Swastima Begins Campaign To Assist Film Technicians

Artistes, technicians, and the majority of the people involved in the Nepali film industry have become unemployed since the first wave of coronavirus outbreaks.

Especially, hundreds of film technicians are in a trouble in lack of job. While several actors have been supporting the affected ones, actress Swastima Khadka has also started a campaign to help the film technicians.

Sharing a video on her Instagram on Wednesday, she appealed to the people to extend their helping hands to assist the film technicians who are in trouble due to the pandemic. After the video she released, many have expressed their commitment to helping the technicians.“We are in an unusual situation at the moment,” she said in the video.

“At this time, the film industry has not been a priority for the government. Movies are not being made now because of the pandemic. Due to which, the technicians working in the films are facing the biggest problem. I am very emotional when I read the news that the technicians are in big trouble.”

As per Khadka, when she inquired about the situation of the technicians from the Nepal Film Technical Association, she found it to be miserable. Association’s president Puskar Lama informed her that around 100 film technicians were severely affected.

She said that she asked her acquaintances and the brands she has been affiliated with for assistance to support the film technicians, and Khadka received support assurance from them.“Not all technicians have the same problem. Especially spot boys are facing problem because they work for low wages.

While working in a film, I am very close to them as they do everything from waking us up to fetching tea and food. It would be great if we could help them during this time,” Khadka said.

Actress Khadka has also sought help from those who can.“Those who want to help the technicians can send help through donating the support to the eSewa account 9841017764,” Khadka informed.

Earlier, Lama had told The Rising Nepal that there were 1500 technicians involved in the film industry.