No geopolitical dimension to the US assistance to Nepal: USAID Administrator Power

Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, has said that supporting Nepal is a priority for the US.

Speaking at a press conference held here Wednesday on the final day of her two-day visit to Nepal, she clarified that there was no geopolitical dimension to the US assistance to Nepal, while noting that the US has been supporting Nepal since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

On the occasion, Administrator Power shared about the various high-level meetings that took place during her visit to Nepal. She mentioned that following the successful general elections Nepal has an opportunity to strengthen federalism, advance the inclusion of women and marginalized communities, empower the youth and show that democracy can bring results for the benefit of its citizens. The US will continue to partner towards that end.

During her visit, Power announced on Tuesday that the USAID will provide assistance of up to 58.5 million US dollars to Nepal’s government, civil society and the private sector to advance Nepal’s democratic progress. (RSS)